Post TPIAT (quick) Update

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted. I have been slowly recuperating (and I mean slowly). I have been relying on others (my parents and grandparents). Currently, I am at home in the condo I will be living in for the next two months. I am walking very short distances with the assistance of my walker (which I affectingly named ‘lil red’ in honor of RTR). I am now a diabetic which has been a bigger adjustment than I first expected. I have to check my blood sugar before every meal (including snacks), before bed, early in the morning (5:30ish), and then again around 9:00 am. I am trucking along even on my grumpy days. I am still tired an sore. My appetite is not strong which causes issues because I have to eat to keep my blood sugar regulated. The good news is, we have some reason to believe at least some of my islet cells are working. I will talk more about that when I finally meet with my endocrinologist. A Dexcom G6 is on the way. I am excited about adding this medical device. It is a continues glucose monitor, so that means a lot less sticks! I want to thank everyone who has sent a card or present to keep me entertained while I am down for a bit! I am so thankful for the village God has provided for me! I will write a blog on the actual TPIAT surgery and recovery (in more detail). For now, I am doing pretty good considering the severity of this surgery. I am thriving as much as you with three less organs (haha who needs them anyway)! I just have low energy right now so it may be a while before I post again. I have felt your prayer and am grateful for every one of you!

7 thoughts on “Post TPIAT (quick) Update

  1. So glad you’re doing well! God is good. You are a very special young lady. Prayers continue.


  2. Thanks so much for the update. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks to your dad for keeping updates during your surgery and hospital stay. Love you keep up the good fight. You are amazing. RTR!!!


  3. We’re so thankful things are going well! Praying for your continued healing. So proud of your faithfulness in God through this & showing others who He is. Many prayers for you & your sweet family.


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