Big Progress!


It has been a long time since I have posted, and a lot has changed!  As of July 21 (yesterday), it has been six months since my TPIAT. First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the continual prayers and support. Every message or card has been so encouraging to my recovery. I stopped posting to completely focus on healing. In this time, I successfully hiked over 3 miles at 10.3K elevation, I have run a mile, and I have skim boarded. I have achieved many small milestones that I have not been able to do in several years. I’m finally going back to the school in the fall. I have been fortunate enough to see many of God’s small mercies. For example, I still am to graduate on time. I was able to receive the Covid vaccine fairly early so that I could see family and friends without too much worry. 

I am currently in Charleston for my sixth month checkup (I saw my surgical team yesterday). It went very well. My A1C is 5.8 which means my insulin regiment is working very well! Technically, my body does not view itself as diabetic. Hopefully, this means I am on my way to not being insulin dependent. This visit was extremely exciting! The doctors said I was ahead of where they expected me to be (very surprising since typically I am a real slow healer). There are still some kinks we need to work out, but it was a very encouraging visit, especially since I got hospitalized a little over a week ago! We are adjusting a few of my medications in hopes to work out the last main problem I seem to be having. Furthermore, I still have yet to have what I would call a good day. For example, I tire out very easily, and I don’t have much stamina. Overall, compared to six months ago, I am doing worlds better.

8 thoughts on “Big Progress!

  1. So happy for you Rachel! You look beautiful and healthy. We continue to pray foe complete healing!

    Love you


  2. Praising the Lord for your progress and waiting for even more to come! Keep shining your light, precious one. EK can’t wait to see you at Bama! I’m so glad you will be back.


  3. So thankful to hear this update! It’s very good news-still praying for your complete healing and full recovery!


  4. That is great news!!! Thanks for the update and we will continue to pray for you and your continued recovery. Hope things go smoothly down on The Capstone. Roll Tide!


  5. You are so strong in your faith, Rachel. I think that is why you are doing so well. Your exercise is also adding to your strength, too. You are in our prayers every night. May God continue to give you the positive attitude you have. I love you!

    Kay Lynn


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