January 21, 2021 compared to January 21, 2022 a lot has changed. For one thing I am now missing a few organs; yet, I feel so much better without them (the irony). On January 21, 2021, I got up at 3:00 am to begin my surgery day. I honestly do not recollect much of that day, but I do remember the excitement for the journey to come! It has not been an easy year. While I navigate this new version of me, there have been many ups and downs. It is a long recovery process. Honestly, I still am not fully recovered. My energy levels still wain faster than most people’s levels, and there is some unresolved stomach pain that my doctors are beginning to understand. However, compared to how I felt all of 2021, I would take this any day (not say that I don’t have my days when I feel frustrated or anxious with how slow a process this has been). I took a significant break from blogging and updates because recovery was much harder than I anticipated (emotionally and physically). Overall, I am feel very grateful how much I have overcome the past year. I am proud of my body which is something I have had a hard time believing after seeing how broken it has been the past five years. I have compiled a list of things that I am grateful for to help me to remain positive and truly see parts of my recovery.

Praises year 1
1. Constant prayer and support from friends and family
2. Frodo
3. Dr. Wilcox
4. Dr. Elson
5. Getting a spot at MUSC
6. Getting out of UAB and making it to Charleston
7. Dr. Morgan
8. Successful surgery
9. Islet cells lived through transplant
10. Good diabetes doctor
11. Docs that listen
12. Apartment in Charleston
13. Dogs visiting in hospital
14. Released from hospital
15. Covered walk ways for walking
16. Hello fresh meals

17. Dexcom
18. Therapy
19. Marsh to watch with animals
20. Sarah and Em being able to come visit in Charleston
21. Kat’s friendship
22. The multitude of Letters and gifts
23. Dolphins, river otters, birds, ducks in particular ( I spend an absurd amount of time watching the ducks in the complex where we stayed. God knew my need and love for little animal friends!)
24. Being able to walk around the loop
25. Being able to walk 1 mile
26. Covid vaccine

27. Decorations on arriving home
28. Special friendships that brought me comfort
29. Cooperative, patient, and kind teachers/professors
30. Finishing classes
31. Hiking in CO
32. Good reports in July and December
33. Back to Ttown in August
34. Homecoming
35. Presidents list for fall semester 2021
36. Islets working in low normal
37. Charleston shopping marathon
38. Charleston visits
39. New friends
40. National championship watch party
41. Good lunch last week
42. Opioid free by 1 year mark
43. Textbooks located (Amazon lost my textbooks that I need for class this semester, and it has been quite distressful for my type A personality!)
44. Celebration breakfast

7 thoughts on “1 YEAR SINCE TPAIT

  1. So proud of your determination, faith, and perseverance, Rachel. You Kaiser grandmother has become a dear friend to me as we pray for one another. My favorite verse I send to you, Isaiah 41.10. I am praying that verse for you.
    MM McKinnon Birmingham


  2. LOVE those pics shots 1 yr apart…… says so much w/o saying a word !!!

    AND your list of blessings is a blessing for ME…PRAISE GOD.


  3. So proud of you through all of this. You have been strong and courageous just like Joshua 1:9 says…even when you didn’t feel like being just that. We love you more than you will ever know or at least until you become a grandmother!!


  4. You are so strong! The road may be littered with bumps along your journey but gladdened to read the a huge praise list that came also. Your post was such an encouragement to me today. Keeping you covered by prayers…


  5. So happy and thankful for the wonderful progress made! You have my admiration as ONE TOUGH COOKIE! God bless and continue to move you forward in His Plan. Love and Prayers for you continue, Becky


  6. It has been our privilege to pray for you and keep up with your progress through grandmother Ann. You are an inspiration to all who are going through tough things because of the way you have handled this journey. You are an amazing young lady and may the Lord continue to bless and use you! Our prayers continue and “ROLL TIDE”!


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